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Vegetarian Lunch Ideas for Teenagers

Packing lunches for a teen can be pretty difficult! You never know exactly what their new favorite food is, and then there’s the issue of how much to pack. Sometimes it seems like a growing teen is hungry no matter how much you feed them! In this article, we’re focusing on this issue, but we’re giving youvegetable-based recipe options foryour vegetarian teenager.

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15 Healthy Vegetarian School Lunches!

It’s no secret that you have to search a little harder to find new ideas for vegetarian lunches. Luckily, with a little creativity and some ingenuity, there are tonsof options for even the strictest of vegetarian diets.

If you’re looking for inspiration to add some variety to your lunches, then look no further. Read on for our picks for the best vegetarian school lunches!

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