7 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2020

7 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2020

Parents have so many things to think about during any routine day. It might seem like the list of tasks is never-ending and continues to grow!Picking a lunch box is one of those little things that can go a long way in alleviating some of these stresses. A properly insulated lunch box should be big enough for your child’s lunch,leak proof, able to keep things temperature-controlled for cold food or hot food, and convenient enough to carry around all day.

The Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2020 – Our Picks                

In this article, we’re looking at 7 of our favourite lunch boxes on the market. We’ve divided these boxes up so that there are several different variants to choose from. We think there is something for everyone on this list, so read on to discover the perfect choice for you.

OPUX Premium Lunch Box

The OPUX Premium Lunch Box is everything you would want in a standard, insulated lunch box. The box itself is a good size, and has space for most any packed lunch you could think of packing. It is also very well insulated, with a PEVA lining that will keep your kids’ lunches cool or hot.

The box is highly portable, with an adjustable shoulder strap. Overall, we put this box at the top of our list because it simply has everything you need to house your kid’s school lunch. It is highly functional, highly durable, and even comes in a wide variety of colors if your child has a specific preference.

Bentology Lunch Box For Kids

This is a great lunch box for its convenient design. Built to be packed similar to a backpack, this box is spacious and convenient. It has a zippered pocket feature with multiple compartments, including a main compartment to hold a child’s lunch and some snacks, and even a side pocket for a water bottle or juice.

The lunch box itself is well-insulated and leak proof to keep all hot or cold food fresh. It is the perfect size for kids, and the carrying strap is located at the top of the lunch box, making it easier for your child to lug it around.

This box also comes in a wide variety of fun patterns and colors!

Under Armour Scrimmage Lunch Box

A little bit of a surprising choice, but yes, Under Armour does make kid’s lunch boxes!

As you might expect from an Under Armour product, this one is focused on strength and durability. There is actually a hard-plastic liner on the inside which keeps food temperature-controlled, and also makes the box strong and rigid to protect against any potential squishing. This means you can throw this lunch box into a crowded backpack without worrying about your sandwich getting crushed.

This box has an exterior zipper pocket and an interior mesh pocket, providing you several places to store snacks and sides. The lunch box comes in several colors and patterns, and you can let your child pick out their favorite!

HANGO Insulated Lunch Bag

The HANGO Insulated Lunch Bag is another great choice for its simple practicality. It’s a basic lunch box, with a single compartment for you to store your entire lunch. It’s an insulated bag that will keep your kid’s lunch fresh.

Overall, this is a top choice for its simplicity. When it comes to a lunch bag, often all you need is a lightweight bag that is well insulated and durable. It is only a bonus that the bag itself is so stylish.

Additionally, this bag is actually two-in-one! You receive two sizes of HANGO bags. This might be helpful if you want a bag for yourself and one for your child!

Simple Modern Bento Lunch Box for Kids

A Bento Box is a great idea if you are looking for a unique way to pack lunches. Bento boxes have built in dividers which will actually separate your child’s food. Not only does this help to keep all aspects of the lunch separate and fresh, it helps you to control the portion sizes as well.

This particular bento box is great for kids because of its convenient size, and its wide array of fun color choices. If you don’t want the dividers, they are fully removable, leaving you the freedom to pack lunches the way you want.

Max K Stackable Bento Box

Another cool bento box idea. This one might take some getting used to, but it is quite unique for its practicality. This box allows you to stack the different compartments on top of each other, resulting in a container that is compact and portable, with several places to store a meal and a few sides. There are six compartments in total, but you can stack them to include 2, 4, or 6.

A bento box is great for keeping each side completely separate, ensuring that no tastes and flavours are mixed. The box itself is hard and durable, so you don’t have to worry about packing this box into a crowded bag.

As a bonus, this bento box even contains its own set of silverware!

Thermos Funtainer 10 oz

A Thermos is a top alternative if you want to pack your child hot (or cold) lunches. If you like to send your child to school with leftovers, hot soup, pasta, or any variant of hot meal, a Thermos will probably be your go-to. The vacuum seal technology keeps food cold for 7 hours or hot for 5 hours!

Thermos is a trusted brand because they make highly durable, functional products. The Funtainer is perfect for kids because of its 10-oz size, and also the fun colours and patterns it is available in. There are even some fun themed Thermos containers such as Batman and Paw Patrol! 


Thank you for reading our top choices for kids’ lunch boxes. We know that your needs will vary depending on what you are packing for lunch and what your kid likes to eat. For this reason, we included many different options in terms of lunch box style and function. From the convenience and portability of a lunch bag, to the durability and function of a bento box, we are sure that you can find the perfect product for keeping each meal cool and secure!

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