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From the Alissa Zorn, editor of Bounceback Parenting, Lunchbox Launchpad helps you prepare for lunch. We find and share recipes, tips and tools to make lunch making easy.

A Lunch Launch Story:

As a single parent and work at home mom with three kids in school, mornings were getting chaotic. At least the older two kids could buy lunch…but then one day my oldest mentioned that his brother was just purchasing a soda and cookies for lunch. Ugh. I needed the kids to bring lunch without it being so stressful.

I had to make preparing lunch at home easier for all of us. If we could start every day knowing healthy lunches were ready to go it would eliminate so much stress. 

So in 2020 I’ve made this our goal: be prepared for lunch. I wanted to get the kids involved so they learn these skills too. I purchase the Lunchbox Launchpad site to document this journey and share what I learn along the way.

Preparing lunches ahead of time means:

  • My kids are more likely to eat something healthy in the middle of the day.
  • Our mornings are so much more calm – even if someone sleeps in.
  • I’m eating better and having better energy.
  • We’re saving money by not buying too much food or making extra shopping trips during the week.

But getting prepared for lunch has its own learning curve. What food can you make ahead of time? What food can you prepare to make it easier to “grab and go”? How do you keep food warm or cold? How do you transport foods without spilling? 

That’s what Lunchbox Launchpad is here for – to share with you what I learn as I gain this skill, and to make lunch making easier for you too.

We’re on a mission to meal prep for lunches. Making lunches ahead means we eat healthier, have calmer mornings, better energy and save money. Join us and always be prepared for lunch!